A couple of years ago, a consultant from LifeWay that I know and respect, visited our church on a Wednesday night.  Our regular “365” schedule was in place and activities were going on all over our facilities.  As usual, the place was humming. Tom looked at me during supper and said, “There is a lot of energy in this place.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Well, I’m happy to announce that the “365” surge starts back this Wednesday evening, August 19.  Mission organizations, children’s choirs, the youth service, and adult classes including Divorce Care will all resume along with THE MEAL.  Volunteers are in place to help cook and serve.  You can look forward to enjoying a good meal at a great price served from 5-6pm.  So join us for food and fellowship, followed by a variety of inspiring classes.

After some prayerful consideration, I have asked Bro. Grant to take over the responsibilities of sharing a brief study with you during our “Praise, Prayer, and Proclamation” time.  He is a gifted teacher and I wanted you to have an opportunity to hear from him on a consistent basis.  I will continue to be teaching “Discovering DeSoto Hills” as part of the 365 schedule