Almost on a weekly basis, someone asks me when will construction begin on Phase II of our building.  It is a fair question as the need for additional space becomes more apparent every day.   Although at this time we are not financially ready for that major endeavor, there is a smaller project that is part of Phase II that needs to be added immediately.  The Strategic Planning Team along with the Stewardship Team is recommending that we expand the Grand Hall by adding an air lock at the north entrance, just outside the existing doors.  As most of you know, this is the primary entrance into our facilities and airflow has been a major issue from day one.  The problem has only been highlighted during this winter’s frigid temperatures.   The teams are recommending that we proceed with this project at a cost of $53,000.  The money will come from funds already set aside for Phase II through Beyond Measure.  This recommendation will presented for a vote at the beginning of the service Sunday evening, March 16.

In other news, the Lewis family is on “baby watch”.  We are just days away from the arrival of our third grandchild (and our first grandson), McCager Carver.  Unless he decides differently, “D” Day (delivery day) is scheduled for Wednesday, March 12.   Although she is great with child, Jami continues to work at the clinic and make hospital rounds, hoping to save her time off for after the baby’s arrival.

Loving grandparenthood,