I hear that tech savvy people call it “the white screen of death”, but at the time, all I called it was BIG TROUBLE. I was on I-55 heading south when suddenly, my smart phone froze up and the screen went white. I could not make a call, or text, or even shut the thing off. There was seemingly nothing I could do besides stare at it helplessly. I was traveling alone on my way to the farm to join the rest of the family as they were gathering to celebrate Jami’s birthday. I hadn’t slept well the night before and after preaching twice on Sunday morning, I was pretty worn out. Kathy was concerned about me being on the road, but I assured her I would stay awake and in touch. Little did I know that the “in touch” part of that statement wouldn’t happen.  What made the whole situation worse was that she kept calling me repeatedly. My phone was ringing, but I could not answer it. Of course, these days there were no pay phones along the way. As I silently made my way towards Leake county, I was reminded of how very dependent we have become on these devices. There was a time when no one thought anything about climbing into a vehicle and driving hours upon hours without talking to anyone other than your fellow passengers. I made it to the farm without incident and Kathy, as you might imagine, was elated to see me. Marc arrived and showed me how to reset my phone. To my great relief, it starting working again.

Perhaps today it is not your electronics that are giving you trouble, but just life in general. You may feel like you are experiencing “the white screen of death” where nothing seems to be working. Take heart. All is not lost. Allow the Master to set things right and your life will be running again in no time.