Prior to leaving for our Tennessee Thanksgiving, Kathy and I decided to stick with our early morning routine and headed to the fitness center for a workout.  Although it’s rarely crowded at that time of the morning, the crowd was noticeably thinner as we pulled into the parking lot.  I quickly spoke to some of the regulars and got busy.

When I was about halfway through my workout, I noticed a new couple arrive.  They were probably in their mid-twenties and appeared to be unaccustomed to this time of day or these types of machines.  They slowly moved around the place with a real air of uncertainty.  But hey, I’ve been there.  Judge not that ye be not judged.  However, what really got my attention was the very obvious sour attitude of the young lady.  She stood at each machine glaring at her husband with her lip pooched out like a two year old.  She apparently did not want to be there and was letting him know it loud and clear.  To be fair, I certainly don’t have all the facts about this incident.  Maybe she was just having a bad morning, maybe she thought all of this stuff was too difficult, or maybe company was on the way and she wasn’t ready.  In any case, if I was a betting man, I’ll wager that she will not stick with the gym for one simple reason… her heart is not in it.