This week DHBC celebrates our anniversary.  On October 15, 2006 we started this incredible journey as a new church in this facility.  Today I look back with a grateful heart over all that has taken place over the past nine years.  What’s even more amazing, and a testimony to the spirit of cooperation that abides in our congregation, is that after only one week of being open back in 06, we held our first Fall Fest on this campus. The kitchen wasn’t even finished. Through the years this community event has continued to grow and has become a massive undertaking, but a wonderful outreach opportunity.  We literally cannot put it together or pull it off without lots of support from each one of you.  There is a volunteer sheet on the board at the North end of the Grand Hall.  Please pick a place and sign up today. If we all pitch in, then we can take turns and give each other a break!  This year’s event is October 25 from 3pm to 5:30.  Also keep in mind that we need plenty of help setting up and tearing down.

I also want to thank those of you who responded to the challenge of Beyond Beyond Measure.  To date we have received 3 year pledges amounting to $594,913.00.  We anticipate that number to rise over the next few months as others covenant with us to see the dream of expanding our facilities become a reality.