You hear the phrase all the time… especially from folks  advertising their services. It is an effective and universal tool  for getting your name and message out to the masses. A  person can open up a world of possibilities with these simple  words:  “Check us out on the web.”  Not so long ago, if someone used the word “web”, our  immediate thought was of a spider and “surfing” required  water, dude. However, these days a web is all about the  internet and surfing only requires a mouse. Oh, how times  have changed Searching the web has become a way of life  for many who have discovered that a wealth of information is  only a click away.

We have recently upgraded the web page for DeSoto Hills  so I encourage you to check it out. It has taken on a new  look and we now have a professional approach to ensure  that the info you find there is up to date. So reading the  “Nook”, watching a worship service, or giving online is only a  click away. You can even find some updated photos of the  staff… just in case you forget what we look like. 🙂