Perhaps like some of you, I am a light sleeper. I rarely go through a night without waking up numerous times. To make matters worse, I often find it difficult to go back to sleep. My mind starts churning over the next day’s agenda, the next week’s message, or as in this case, the next Nook article. It’s not that I’m fretting over anything in particular, I am just awake and the more I try to go back to sleep, the more I awake I become. The whole ordeal is made more difficult this time of year because just off of our screened porch (and beneath our bedroom window) is a water garden complete with a small cascading waterfall that our family built. We have enjoyed watching the goldfish and listening to the gentle flow of water for many years. However, it has become the home (and evidently breeding ground) for a family of frogs who usher in every spring with a chorus of croaks that could wake the dead.

The other day as Riley and I were on the screen porch, I pointed out one of the frogs happily sitting on a rock’s edge. She was fascinated. For some reason, I vented to my 4 year old granddaughter that this was one of the frogs keeping me awake at night. Without missing a beat she simply stated the obvious, “BoBo, that’s what frogs do. They croak.”
Thank you, Lord, for springtime.

And yes, it’s simple… frogs will be frogs. Do yourself a favor. Don’t place an outdoor water feature near your bedroom window. You will most likely WAKE UP to regret it.